Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes

ecigsintheukThe dangers of smoking tobacco have been known by the industry for decades. In recent years, this information has been made public knowledge. The tobacco companies have been required to put warning labels on their products and to cease any advertising that may promote smoking to children. As a result of the media coverage regarding the dangers of smoking, many people have made the choice to quit smoking.

However, a large number of people have been unable to quit smoking. Many companies have realized the challenges facing this group of consumers. To assist them in their quest to give up tobacco consumption, different products have entered the market.

The nicotine patch has been used successfully by some. The patch gives a continual stream of nicotine into the body. A major drawback to them is that the person does not have much control over the ingestion. So, even though they are receiving the nicotine, they do not get the same sensation as smoking.

The next wave of products were nicotine gums and, eventually, lozenges. The use of these products gave the smoker a bit more control of when nicotine entered their systems. But, many realized that the sensation of smoking was not there and were unable to quit the smoking habit.

In response, the electronic cigarette was created. These products look like cigarettes. One end is colored like a filter. The other end lights up when someone takes a drag from the other end.

Inside of the electronic cigarette is a vial that has liquified nicotine. A small amount of that is released in a vapor form to the smoker. The person can take as many drags as they want at a time. There is also a battery inside of the device. The battery is responsible for lighting up the tip and releasing the vapor. When the charge runs out, the tip will no longer light up.

Some e cigs UK are designed to be used for a short period of time and then discarded. These have the equivalent of one to two packs of cigarettes worth of nicotine. Other devices can be recharged and the liquid nicotine replaced. Though more expensive than their disposable counterparts, the device will last significantly longer. If a person is willing to give up the smoking habit for good, these are ideal.

Out of all of the products that have been created to help people give up the smoking habit, the electronic cigarette shows the most promise. By giving the smoker an opportunity to wean themselves from smoking, they do not have to go through the intense experience of going through withdrawal from nicotine and the other chemicals that have been added into tobacco.