Quitting Smoking With E Cigarettes

Are you a smoker? If yes, you should think about quitting to improve your health and save money. Quitting can be difficult but you will be successful if you keep trying. Replacing your cigarettes with an electronic cigarette could be the ideal nicotine replacement therapy if you are a heavy smoker.


If you smoke a pack a day or more, it will take some time for your system to get used to living without nicotine. You will experience withdrawal, which is usually associated with stress and irritability. Withdrawal symptoms will be less intense if you gradually get used to smaller doses of nicotine.

Reducing your smoking can be difficult. You will probably be tempted to smoke during your breaks at work or after every meal if you carry your cigarettes with you. Using nicotine replacement therapy helps you get used to living without cigarettes and gives you more control over the quantity of nicotine your system absorbs.
Replacing your cigarettes with an e-cigarette will help you reduce the amount of chemicals you expose your system to. Electronic cigarettes only contain nicotine, which will satisfy your cravings without exposing you to the other harmful chemicals that can be found in regular cigarettes.

You can easily reduce the quantity of nicotine you expose your system to by taking a puff from your e-cigarette whenever you experience withdrawal. It is easy to put your electronic cigarette away once your cravings start disappearing while you might be tempted to smoke an entire cigarette after lighting it to satisfy a craving.
Electronic cigarettes provide you with the same sensation you are used to with real cigarettes. If you tried replacing your cigarettes with nicotine gum or another nicotine replacement therapy but did not get good results, e-cigarettes could be an ideal option for you.

You can find electronic cigarette cartridges that taste like a real cigarette or opt for a more original flavor if you want to get used to not smoking anymore. The flavors offered vary from one brand to another. You could get started with a cartridge that tastes like tobacco and replace it with another flavor to progressively get used to not smoking anymore.

You can also find cartridges with different amounts of nicotine. Start with a cartridge that contains just as much nicotine as a regular cigarette and replace it with cartridges that are less concentrated to get used to lower levels of nicotine. You can also find nicotine free cartridges if you miss the sensation of smoking.
Carrying an electronic cigarette with you while you quit smoking could be an ideal solution if cravings have been a real obstacle for you. However, you should not entirely rely on one method to quit smoking. You will get better results if you combine your electronic cigarette with another strategy such as using relaxation methods whenever you feel stressed or irritable.

Many smokers have managed to quit thanks to electronic cigarettes. You should talk to your doctor about electronic cigarettes and put together a plan so you can quit smoking.