What To Look For In Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

e-cigarettesElectronic cigarettes are very popular these days, and you have probably seen lots of ads in catalogs on television and online touting one e cig after another. Many of them offer an electronic cigarette starter kit, but exactly what does that mean. In this article, we will discuss the history of e cigs and the evolution of affordable, all inclusive, high quality e cig starter kits. Read on to learn more.

When e cigs first came out, starter kits were pretty expensive and there wasn’t a whole lot of choice. Typical kits for old fashioned three piece e cig technology contained cartridges, batteries and an atomizer or two. You generally had to buy the e liquid separately and fill the cartridges yourself. There was quite a bit of maintenance to this system with cleaning and reusing cartridges and cleaning out the atomizer. You knew it was time to replace your atomizer when it began tasting like burnt plastic. Batteries held a fairly short charge and didn’t last long.

Today, e cigs have come a long way with affordable two piece technology and disposable cartomizers (cartridges and atomizer combined)and state of the art batteries that literally have super power! Be that as it may, you’ll still see some of that old, inferior, troublesome e cig technology for sale in shifty ads aimed at folks who, simply put, are easily fooled.

Very often, the ads you see for electronic cigarette starter kits in catalogs featuring products for older people are for this kind of outdated technology. They are usually high priced and may include a “service” to deliver e cig supplies on a regular, ongoing basis. These deals should be avoided like the plague. Not only will you end up with lousy technology if you sign up for one of these deals, you will also be handing your credit card info over to a shady operator.

How Can You Find A Reliable E Cig Supplier?

The very best, top of the line e cig suppliers sell their products online, directly to the consumer. Sure, you can find some of these excellent products in brick and mortar e cig stores, but just remember that the owner of the store is the middle man, and you will probably pay more to shop in person.

You can find excellent, high quality online e cig suppliers by reading good electronic cigarettes reviews online that provide information about the history of each company along with solid, honest information about the products. A good review site will share both good and bad reviews and will represent a wide variety of brands. They will show you statistics regarding customer satisfaction, product quality, price and more side by side so that you can make an informed choice. They will also offer you good coupons to save you money on a wide variety of brands.

When you look at the very best e cig providers’ websites, you will immediately see the difference in the quality and selection they offer in electronic cigarette starter kits, when compared with those offered by special TV offers, general purpose catalogs and the like. Great starter kits from top suppliers offer cutting edge technology and excellent value along with a verifiable guarantee. Don’t be fooled! Seek out a reputable e cig supplier to get your first e cig starter kit. You’ll be glad you did!