Why E-Cigs Are Safer?

There is a growing movement among smokers in making a switch to e cigs. They are learning that electronic cigarettes are the better alternative to conventional cigarettes. The benefits are numerous, for the smokers and for the people around them. Here are some reasons why e cigarettes are the better choice.


The most obvious benefit is that e cigs do not produce any smoke. They do not burn any tobacco to produce nicotine. The e-liquid with nicotine is heated up by the e cigarette. This process produces a vapor that the user inhales. So, he still receives a certain amount of nicotine, but he does not inhale any of the pollutants that burning tobacco produces. Vaping is a cleaner experience.

The lack of smoke from vaping also means no smoke is polluting the environment. Imagine how much cleaner the air in the environment will be if all the millions of smokers around the world suddenly stop burning tobacco and switch to e cigs instead. The effect will be amazing. Of course, it is not likely that every smoker will make the switch, but a smoker can start improving his personal environment by making the switch. At the very least, the members of his household will benefit from cleaner air at home.

Smoking conventional cigarettes makes one’s teeth and fingernails yellow. The clothes worn by the smoker also reeks of smoke. Electronic cigarettes do not produce these effects. So, they help in improving one’s appearance.

Some smokers use e cigarettes as a way to gradually reduce their dependency on nicotine. They use e-liquids with a lower concentration of nicotine so that their addiction will get used to a lower amount of nicotine. Once the body adjusts to the reduced level, the person can use e-liquids with an even lower concentration of nicotine. This is repeated until the body’s dependency on nicotine is reduced to almost nil.

Second-hand smoke is just as bad as smoking first-hand. When a smoker changes to e cigs, his family stands to benefit a lot because they will have cleaner air in their home. The rooms will no longer smell like smoke. Their house will be a lot fresher.

There is no reason why smokers should not make the switch. The multiple benefits of e cigs make them the better choice. By replacing conventional cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, everybody wins.